The course covers the study topics such as metabolism, food supplement, oxidase, protein, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin, enzyme, aging/vitamin/nutrition, detoxification, diet/supplement, human organs/nutrition, stress/nutrition, beautiful skin, blood, water, bone/calcium, cancer, sugar/heart, Chinese/Western medicine, and herb. Term: Fee: $

After Graduation: Opporttmities 

After graduating from our IAANCA correspondence training course, we will enroll you in the association. This enrollment entitles you to become an RANC (Registered Anti Aging/Nutrition Consultant). We are giving you the foundation to pursue your career as a consultant and continue to learn and grow in this rewarding and fast moving field. You can work in holistic health care, health science, nutrition, health science and related industries. You qualify for nutrition-related careers in hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practice, athletic club and wellness centers, public health programs, and food and pharmaceutical industries. Experienced nutrition professionals often work as consultants for sports teams, corporations and restaurants.